weiße Bergschafe
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Sustainable - Quality - Care

Sustainabilty because of its quality

  • since 2008
  • handmade in Germany
  • produced with the acient technique of felting, without any seams, completely handmade: only wool, water, soap, and two hands
  • designing mopi - felted caves for years
  • perfectly worked so that it is long-lasting, robust, and stable in its design
  • about 10mm thickness
  • pure wool of high value with positive features
  • easy care
  • washing machine washable


Sustainability becauses of its natural material

  • renewable resource - sheared by living sheeps
  • regional, from the Alpines
  • environmentally friendly, pure wool products


Sustainability becauses of its design

  • well-thought-out functionality
  • minimalist, straight, perfectly formed, unusual, extraordinary, inspiring

Easy to care!

Pure wool has a natural self-purification:  

It does not adopt any smell or rather the smell vanishes through airing.

Pure wool is able to adopt about 30% of its weight in dampness without feeling moist. This dampness is getting released very fast as well. Liquids, however, just roll off the surface.

It is also antistatic and therefore not appealing to dust. Dirt particles do not stick to the cave and hence they are easily to be removed.


Because of this positive features of your mopi - felted caves it is not necessary do wash it completely. Usually vacuuming, beating and airing is enough.

Nevertheless, mopi - felted caves may be washed at a wool setting up to 30°C.

Or just wash them by hands.



More features of pure wool:

Pure wool saves air and therefore, it warms the pets. It is breathable as well and balances their body temperature.