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Portait of an artist in the magazine "LandSpiegel"

Edition May/June 2014

"Whiskas" - Calendar 2014

Cat cave "Blüte"
Cat cave "Blüte"

Cat cave "Blüten" with its sickly-sweet filling in the month of February

Conzept, Design: Gabriele Willbrandt · Photos: Uwe Hüttner 
Photos © Whiskas


Book "Passion Filz" (on makers of felt and textile art)

Whoever is interested in felt is welcomed to order this wonderful book here:



Jülich Kunsthandwerkerinnenmarkt

Kunsthandwerkerinnenmarkt Jülich

Zeitschrift "Geliebte Katze"

"Geliebte Katze", Edition 4/12

A portait of me as an artist in the magazine FUN - Verfilzt und Zugenäht Nr. 2/12

Four of my cat caves are presented in the new GU Katzenratgeber Wohnungskatzen:


Laura Edition Nr. 44 26th of October 2011 page 26

Leipziger Messe CADEAUX  September 3rd - 5th 2011

The author and designer Bine Brändle presents a couple of my cat caves.


Bine Brändle:

"I have to tell you that your cat caves are the best things that one is able to find on the world wide web with the category "selfmade for pets" ;-)" 

Thanks a lot, Bine!


Jülich Kunsthandwerkerinnenmarkt


Kunsthandwerkerinnenmarkt Jülich



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